Please note that all "development" (unstable and/or untested) and "beta" (may have a few bugs) releases of DAB Bar or only made available for people are technically competent who want to experiment with forthcoming features. If this is not you then please download the latest fill release from the main download page.

The latest development release for the WaveFinder that is on the whole bug free is "DAB Bar 1.4 Dev 10", and is available from here and has the following changes/additions from DAB Bar 1.3a...

  • Secondary services now available throughout
  • DLS streamed via HTTP interface.
  • Streaming no longer locks retuning.
  • DLS Message pauses if it fits in the bar.
  • Web and email addresses in DLS work as hyperlinks.
  • Fixed streaming more than 16 streams under Win2K/XP stability problem.
  • Web interface fixed for RealPlayer.
  • Fix for starting under Win2K/XP when not administrator.
  • Windows task scheduler used to launch DAB Bar when a timer recording is scheduled.

If you have a PCI card then please download DAB Bar 1.3b CR1 for the download page.

First install DAB Bar 1.3 and then replace the executable in the DAB Bar directory with the contents of the ZIP file.

Please remember that I can not support the development and beta release, please report all bugs to [email protected].

If you are looking for the for the EPG Explorer please read the EPG page.


2005 Alistair MacDonald