DAB Bar is an application that is designed to control the former Psion WaveFinder, the Modular Technology PCI Card and now functions with the Trinloc USB receaver and some compatible development devices. The software is free to use (all any donations welcome), all you need is a compatible digital receiver and a Windows PC.

DAB Bar is a replacement to the software supplied with your device that has a more practical interface for the average listener and is more efficient.

          Alistair MacDonald, DAB Bar creator

EPG Explorer 1.1 CR4 released (02/07/2005)
A bug fix release. Click here for more information.
EPG Explorer 1.1 CR3 released (02/02/2005)
An updated Electronic Programme Guide for browsing and scheduling has been released.
DAB Bar forums reopen (09/06/2003)
Thanks to the Media UK Directory we have managed to re-launch the DAB Bar forums for help and feedback. Click here to check them out.
Branding icons maintained by Vincent Lo (20/04/2003)
Many thanks to Vinnie who will be maintaining the icons for DAB Bar. This will provide more frequent updates and give more time to core DAB Bar development.


DAB Bar 2005 Alistair MacDonald