The standard DAB Bar release above can record to MP2 files. If you want to record to MP3 or OGG files (using the Vorbis CODEC) you will also need to download the following.


DAB Bar 1.3 Recoder Files



Please note that there is currently a problem with recordings where the bitrate changes and it is generally recommend you record to MP2 when practical to do so.



DAB Bar can record to more formats than the native MP2 by decompressing the broadcast stream and then re-encoding it to the desired format. Most of this work is done by the third party tools listed below.

The stream is decoded by the MPG123 decoder ( that has been compiled in to a Windows dynamic link library by mpesch3. The source and updates are available from

Source code and further information on the Lame encoder that is used to record to MP3s are available from

The source code for the OGG Vorbis encoder and more information about the project is available through More OGG Vorbis software is available from



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