TPEG stands for the "Transport Protocol Experts Group" who are specifying a protocol of the same name for distributing traffic and travel information across multiple platforms. A TPEG stream can be tunnelled through DAB to supply travel information to vehicle radios, other portable devices and the humble PC.

Currently the specification is still awaiting ISO accreditation so it is unlikely you will see a TPEG product on the market yet. The BBC are supplying a demonstration service across the BBC National DAB Network for research and development purposes.

So why am I going on about this now? I have been playing around with TPEG for a while and have coded a basic application that decodes the BBC feed. The application streams the data from DAB Bar 1.2 and 1.3 using the DAB Stream API , error checks and decodes it and displays it to the user.

I am not releasing the application to the public as it currently has no practical functionality and the specification is constantly changing but if you have an interest in the project please let me know. To clarify the last sentence (as it seems to be frequently misunderstood), I am currently NOT sending out any TPEG applications.

Update: The BBC are now streaming the submitted standard and I am updating my application to match.

If you are interested in TPEG then I suggest having a look at the following links.


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