The DAB Stream API (formally the DAB Bar API) enables third party applications to use DAB Bar (or other DAB Stream compatible software) to receive a DAB stream for the application to decode.

The aim of the project is to get all applications to use the protocol so all DAB client applications will easily work with all DAB receiver applications. This interface is achieved using the HTTP protocol so will function on a local machine or across a LAN and is platform independent.

An experimental service was introduced in DAB Bar 1.2, this has been expanded in DAB Bar 1.3. Currently the only functioning client is BWS Explorer and my experimental TPEG decoder, but other clients are on the way.

When we have agreed and finalised the first specification I will publish it here, in the mean time please get in touch if you are interested in using or contribution to the protocol.

Please note that the API enables applications to work with DAB Bar (and other DAB Stream compatible software), it does not allow you to produce an application that will run independently. If you want to produce your own DAB Bar like application I have knocked up some notes here that you may find useful.


2005 Alistair MacDonald